Collecting, compiling, analyzing, and reporting worldwide compensation for globally mobile employees can be an arduous process. Given the technical requirements, logistics, and time constraints of reporting, a solid understanding of the requirements and practical approaches to meeting them is critical.

This document will provide common questions and answers regarding:

  • Technical requirements
  • Practical approaches
  • Improve the processes



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“GTN developed a process for us to track short-term business travelers so they don’t exceed travel limits with regard to taxation. They value doing things the right way, which means for the employee and the company they represent. – GTN is always available when I have questions. They help me do my job better because they are so responsive.”


HR - Global Mobility Specialist

“We established an expat program about six years ago. GTN helped us to create a formal tax policy at the time. Since then, they have assisted us in setting up a proactive schedule to coordinate expat matters through payroll, finance and equity throughout the year.”


HR - Global Mobility Specialist