Collecting, compiling, analyzing, and reporting worldwide compensation for globally mobile employees can be an arduous process. Given the technical requirements, logistics, and time constraints of reporting, a solid understanding of the requirements and practical approaches to meeting them is critical.

We've put together a comprehensive document all about compensation collecting and reporting so you can review common questions and answers regarding technical requirements. We also provide practical approaches, and recommendations to improve processes.

These questions include:

  • Why is it necessary for an International Assignment Program Administrator to interact with the Payroll Department?
  • Can we use an earlier cutoff date for reporting various compensation elements for mobile employees?
  • What is a split payroll, and why would it be utilized?
  • What is imputed income?
  • Why do we sometimes include per diems in income?
  • What actions can a program administrator take to anticipate and eliminate year-end payroll related problems the mobile employee might have before they occur?
  • What are the “hot issues” for short-term assignment payroll of which I should be aware of?

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“GTN developed a process for us to track short-term business travelers so they don’t exceed travel limits with regard to taxation. They value doing things the right way, which means for the employee and the company they represent. – GTN is always available when I have questions. They help me do my job better because they are so responsive.”


HR - Global Mobility Specialist

“We established an expat program about six years ago. GTN helped us to create a formal tax policy at the time. Since then, they have assisted us in setting up a proactive schedule to coordinate expat matters through payroll, finance and equity throughout the year.”


HR - Global Mobility Specialist