Equity Solution

Customized solution for your global equity challenges

Do you have employees entitled to equity compensation that work in multiple locations?

Awards of equity, when made to an employee in one location who are in another location when the awards lapse or are exercised, often create complex reporting issues for both employer and employee.

Through this solution, we will manage your global reporting requirements and help your employees avoid the many pitfalls of global taxation on equity awards.

GTN's Equity Solution includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

Country specific guidance regarding payroll reporting and withholding requirements on equity awards

Determination of equity source income and payroll reporting obligations on a global basis

Calculation of income tax and social security withholding rates on equity income

Tax policy advice on equity compensation for the employer

Consulting with mobile employees on the tax and social security implications of equity remuneration, including foreign tax credit optimization planning

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