No matter what borders you cross, global tax laws related to being a mobile employee can be complicated and overwhelming. As your global tax provider, it is our job to take care of those details so you can enjoy the adventure.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use a mobility tax provider for your tax returns:

  • You are one of the many who found themselves living in one state and working in another throughout the year
  • You have one or more non-US financial accounts (e.g., bank, brokerage, pensions)
  • You returned to the US after living abroad at some point during the year
  • Your company provided you with tax preparation support in a prior year, but not for the current year
  • You worked outside the US and may be eligible to claim a foreign tax credit

If you found yourself in any of the above situations, you could benefit from having a mobility tax provider assist you with your tax returns. Schedule a consultation with us today so we can discuss how our services can support you.


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