Now that you've laid the groundwork for your company's mobility program, it's time to begin considering everything that goes into sending an employee on an international assignment.

Download our Mobility Program Evaluation Checklist to help you make informed decisions at each step of an international assignment and determine when it's best to bring on an outside vendor for support.

Download your copy of our checklist to help you:

  • Navigate the questions you need to answer before the assignment begins. 
  • Walk through considerations at each step of an international assignment.
  • Determine when you should bring on an outside vendor to help.

This comprehensive checklist will provide the guidance you need to ensure a successful and cost-effective mobility tax program. Fill out the form to access the checklist today! 


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Did you know?

Employers are increasingly turning to mobile employees to fulfill their international staffing needs, but many companies fail to understand the complexity, costs, and compliance obligations that result from cross-border employment. Avoiding the common mobility tax mistakes can save time, money and headaches.

Did you know?


Utilizing a mobility tax specialist may result in additional up-front compliance costs, but those costs are usually more than repaid through the savings that result from careful tax planning. For example, the US is one of the few countries in the world that subjects its citizens and resident aliens to tax reporting while they are working overseas. To address the possibility that an overseas employee may be assessed tax in both the US and their Host country, a mobility tax specialist will help the employee utilize potential exclusions and credits on their US tax filings to minimize their US income tax bill.