Program Support Solution

Customized mobility program support solution

Do you know you have options?

At GTN, we like to do things a bit differently. We have the flexibility and independence needed to provide innovative mobility tax solutions not found in traditional firms. We will augment your current provider’s services by providing cost effective solutions without the need for a service transition. Examples of these services include:

One-off consulting advice and special project work
We can provide tax policy work, quality assurance audits, reconciliation of tax equalization receivables, and much more

Loan staffing arrangements / fractional mobility program support

Compliance work for those with financial reporting oversight roles (FRORs)
Because we don’t provide audit services, we don’t have independence restrictions

Compliance work for top-level executives and VIPs
Clients have found GTN to be a useful ally in providing a more tailored compliance service to top-level executives, VIPs, or “challenging” expatriates

Compliance work for “off program” local to local transferees

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