Download a recording of our webinar to hear new strategies and approaches employers should take to accommodate their remote worker employees while ensuring corporate compliance from employment law, insurance, global mobility tax, social security, and payroll perspectives.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new meaning to the term “work from home” and employers are now seeing a growing number of employees who work from anywhere, causing significant compliance issues.

In this one-hour discussion, our panel examined the risks, strategies, and approaches employers should take for long-term remote workers:

  • Employment Law – Presented by Trent Sutton, Global Workforce Attorney at Littler Mendelson, P.C.
    • Does this arrangement trigger new entitlements or obligations?
    • Why should you say “no?”
  • Insurance – Presented by Richard Polak, Senior Global Advisor at Alliant Insurance Services
    • Are your employees still covered?
    • What do you do if they’re not?
  • Mobility Tax – Presented by David Livitt, Global Practice Leader, Business Traveller and Remote Worker Solutions at GTN
    • How does this impact payroll compliance?
    • What risks does this strategy create for corporate compliance?
  • Special Guest – Cheryl Craig, Senior Manager, Global Talent Mobility at VMWare will join our panel and provide her insights from the perspective of a corporate practitioner.

Presented on:

Wednesday, February 17, 2021