Implementing a remote workforce policy can create significant tax compliance issues that need to be considered before moving forward. Our team of experts at GTN has spent a great deal of time assisting clients with their remote workforce programs and we are ready to help you.

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  • Potential solutions specific to your needs

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“Since we started working together in 2013, GTN has been a great partner for [our company]. In addition to being technically proficient and knowledgeable, we greatly appreciate the highly personalized and proactive service we get from GTN. Our expatriate employees praise GTN for their responsiveness and support.”


Chief Financial Officer

“GTN always tries to work with us as much as possible; if I say I’m not sure I want to do something, they make other suggestions. They don’t try to dictate how we do things; instead they make recommendations for what they think is best for everyone involved and let us decide how to proceed.”


HR - Global Mobility Specialist