Download a recording of our webinar to hear from our panel of experts as they discuss UK & US immigration, tax, and employee benefits considerations to help you prepare for a surge in global mobility.

In this free, one-hour panel discussion, we will focus on two scenarios that are likely to occur as borders open—inbound to the US from the UK and outbound from the US to the UK.

You will walk away with a better understanding of:

  • What you need to focus on from an immigration, tax/social security compliance, and employee benefits perspective
  • Various planning opportunities to help prepare your team and your employees for an increase in global movement
  • What you need to consider from an employer perspective and what your employees will need to think about before they travel

Our panel of experts in tax, immigration, and employee benefits:

  • Rahul Batra, Managing Partner - Hudson McKenzie
  • Lynn Carbo, Director - GTN US
  • Joanne Kerr, Senior Manager - GTN UK
  • Louise Smith, Tax and Payroll Manager - GTN UK
  • Moderated by: David Livitt, Global Practice Leader, Business Traveller & Remote Worker Solutions - GTN US

Presented on:

Tuesday, November 30, 2021